"There are no words for me to truly describe how thankful we are for Meg and her abilities. We recently moved from an apartment (with three little children) into a house and never could have done it without the help of Meg. Not only did she help us to pack up and purge unnecessary items, but she also organized our entire life once we moved. From items in storage to items we forgot we even had, the packing was seamless and organized, as was the unpacking. With three small children our lives are crazy and we are always running, Meg brought to us a sense of normalcy and made what would have been an extremely stressful time, extremely easy. We are forever grateful and recommend her to all of our friends for their homes and businesses. "
-Vanessa P

"I had the pleasure of working with Meg recently when I moved into my condo. She was a calm presence during such a hectic time. She lead her crew and I was amazed how quickly she was able to identify which boxes needed to be unpacked first. Her mission was for me to have my kitchen and bedroom all set up by the end of the day. She listens to you and what is important during the move. Her suggestions on how to keep organized were priceless! She even has merchandise on hand to help you stay organized. She gets the job done."
-Laura P

"Meg was indispensable for me as she helped me through a complex, multi-phase move involving multiple apartments and storage units. She has an amazing eye for what you might want to get rid of and how to best organize every room and closet in your house based on what you already have--but she also has great suggestions for how to further optimize your space and level of organization. She is also really pleasant and upbeat and just fun to have around!"
-Tara H

"Over the past 15 years, I have used several organizers. Meg is the most efficient and wonderful to work with. Recently, I had to close up my mother in laws apartment. She helped me with everything canceling phone, cable etc. Having a wonderful more and unpacking the things we needed. Meg is always willing to work with my schedule. I would gladly recommend her."
R.K - Staten Island, NY

"Meg, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help!! I was so overwhelmed and "stuck" before you came here. Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again"
R.V. Staten Island, NY

"I worked with Meg when I entered into motherhood.
I consider myself an organized person, but this life change created such chaos for me. I could not keep organized because I did not have a system that worked for me and my family. Meg listened to my struggles and set me up to win as a mother by teaching me invaluable organizing tricks. Most recently when I downsized, Meg came to my rescue. She was there on move in day and by night my house was functional. Meg is my go to when I encounter any life change:)"
Jennifer P.

"Meg Owen is one of the Good Ones. I hired her in 2007 to help me organize my office, and she meets with me on a regular basis. Meg has helped me get rid of clutter, keep my files organized, and create a positive work flow to avoid falling into the clutter trap again. She has the highest ethical standards, and I recommend her without qualification. Hire her!"
Bruce Weinstein, author "The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees"

"Meg recently spearheaded the move of my business from one Manhattan location to another. With twelve employees and ten years of accumulated files, a server, and lots of furniture, it was not a small move. Thanks to Meg�s incredible organization skills, work ethic, great list of movers, and cheerful personality, the move went like clockwork. I can�t recommend Meg highly enough. She went above and beyond to make sure that the move happened on schedule and at the least possible cost. "
Susan Caughman - New Hope Media

�We had a very complicated move that involved combining 2 households, retrieving items from far flung storage areas, and a house still under construction. Meg was a Godsend � she took care of everything (including packing, and arranging for movers). She helped us organize such that everything had a purpose and a place in the new house, and household items delivered in in a way that made unpacking a breeze. If that weren�t enough, she was able to organize 2 messy teenagers� rooms and set them up with a fresh start in their new rooms. I would gladly recommend Meg for any home organization, moving or storage project, no matter how complicated.�

�Having made the momentous decision to downsize and move after twenty years in my three story house, I soon realized that I would be a 'basket case' by the time I was done 'editing' and packing! It was in a dream that it occurred to me to get help- if you google... she will come! And sure enough that's how I found Meg and she agreed to take me on! Her boundless energy and efficient approach to every task is breathtaking and inspiring. She is thoughtful and generous in her guidance... kindly listening to every story I told about every item I released or packed. She found homes for all my 'precious stuff' that I knew I would no longer need. She kept me focused and on track, turning a most daunting project into a grand accomplishment. The organization applied to the packing made settling in on the other end such a pleasure- It was an dream setting up my new home sweet home... and I can't imagine it happening this way if it weren't for Meg. I cannot emphasize enough what an invaluable service it is that Meg provides, and I would strongly recommend to anyone moving, editing, organizing etc. that you set your self up for a grand success and have Meg show you how. Thank you forever Meg! �
Kathleen Reynolds, Emmaus PA
(formerly Maplewood NJ)

�Thanks for the wonderful help you gave us with our move from Brooklyn to Colorado. You were our Mary Poppins. You helped us make order out of chaos. We still marvel at the miracle you created. You were smart, energetic, resourceful, cheerful, and freely giving of your time and energy. After an initial visit with us to size up our needs, you helped us to see what needed to be done first (in our case, getting rid of the 30 cartons of books we didn�t want to move, didn�t want to throw out, and didn�t know how to give away), and you found a local charity that would take them away. You found that the same charity would take furniture and other items that we couldn�t take with us, and arranged for them to remove those also.

Then, when we had sold and donated everything, you arranged for someone you knew to remove everything that was left in our house, so we could leave it �broom-clean� for the buyer, and the results were even better than we had hoped. We thought you were wonderful. You gave full measure and more, and made our move far easier for us than we ever dreamt it could be. We could not have done it ourselves.
We only wish you could have come to Denver with us to help us on this end.

All we can say is, �THANKS!�
O & J F, Brooklyn, New York

�We hired Get It Together Organizers to help us with our move from London to New York. We were at a disadvantage logistically so we hired Meg to take care of an array of things. Meg worked closely with our realtor, contractor and designer to ensure all the work was completed on time. She hired movers, arranging every pick-up including the items in storage. In addition, she hired a cleaning crew, set up all the utilities and cable. All of our belongings were unpacked and organized. I literally stepped off the plane to a brand new home that was clean, painted and organized. Get It Together Organizers took a stressful move and made it an easy transition for my family. �
K.J. Brooklyn, New York

�Thank you Meg so much for your help - I could never have gotten through the day with out you! There is still so much to do - but you really made us feel like we lived here - thanks �
E. C. Upper Montclaire, New Jersey

�Meg Owen and Get It Together Organizers are truly impressive. Our house clean-out was done promptly, efficiently, cheerfully, and to high standards. Get It Together Organizers operates with admirable ethics, and the entire experience was a positive one. Thank you!�
L.M. Canada

�We moved into our first home in Feb of 2006. I had the luck of obtaining relocation assistance from Meg and the Get it Together faction. My husband and I are the parents of a two year old and a four month who were in the middle of the whole moving ruckus, let's just say my attention was elsewhere. If not for her intense focus and boundless energy combined with her lightning ability to think out every tiny detail behind the whole organizational concept of a home, I think my younger child would still be sleeping in a bin.�
A.M. Staten Island, NY

�Meg Owen is the organizer you want to hire! She is not only terrific at what she does, but she is a pleasure to work with. She is easy-going, dependable, and has terrific subcontractors (carpenters, assistants, and the like) who can help make your home or office a satisfying place to be.

After I got married, I faced one of the most staggering projects of my life: merging all of my belongings with my bride�s. The room that had been crammed full of boxes is now a functioning, clean, and efficient home office, and I am deeply grateful to Meg for making this happen. When I move, I�m definitely going to enlist her services again.

Her rates are reasonable, and she is a highly ethical person. I recommended her to my mother, who also hired her. What better endorsement could you ask for than that?�
B.W. Brooklyn, New York

�The systems that Meg and I set-up in my house have made my life easier with four children. Everything in my house now has a place which makes it easy for the entire family to find their belongings. I would highly recommend Meg�s organizational services.�
D.K. Brooklyn, New York

�After the birth of my first child, I became overwhelmed with keeping things in order, Meg from Get It Together Organizers taught me how to keep up with all of the clothes. Meg also assisted me in creating a play room which is very functional. My play room is set up so simply that as my family grows, the system that we put in place still works. Even my children know where to put the toys when they are finished playing with them which saves me a lot of time. In addition, her knowledge of the current organizational products on the market has been invaluable to me. I have even passed this information to friends.�
J.G. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Get It Together Organizers saved me and my family! I used to wake up everyday and wonder how long it would take before I couldn�t find something I needed. I can now sit in the sofa, lay in bed, or drive in my car and tell you exactly where everything in my house is located. I love knowing that I will not be confused or upset because I can not find something. I can easily open all drawers and closets and nothing will fall out or get shoved back in. Everything has a place and it makes for a happy and healthy environment for myself and my family. Get It Together Organizers will always be a part of my life.
L.V. Staten Island, New York